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Buddhist therapy


Inner Wisdom

Holistic Soul  Therapy

for empaths and starseeds in Boulder, Colorado

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We help sensitive teens and adults tap into their inner knowing & discover true empowerment.

Our therapists can help you overcome anxiety, depression, women's issues, and other emotional roadblocks so you can let go of old beliefs, reclaim your best self, and find greater emotional and spiritual freedom.

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Areas we serve

In-Person: Our therapists see clients in the office (M-F) in Boulder, CO. 

Online: We offer therapy to anyone in the state of Colorado via HIPPA-compliant online sessions. Hybrid meetings (a combination of in-person and online) are also available for folks who travel often or shift schedules week to week.

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Begin your transformation

at Soul Essence Psychotherapy

We use mindfulness-based approaches and hold a Buddhist Psychology lens. We are inclusive of all beings and work from an anti-oppression perspective. We love love. And we believe you deserve to be happy, healthy and inspired by your life. 


Dear sensitive soul,

We see you

You have deep wisdom inside of you and we are here to help you access it. We see your empathy and sensitivity as gifts, and we know that you are struggling to stay connected with your soul essence. When we experience trauma, anxiety, depression, and other mental health struggles, it can feel like our soul has left us, and we feel like we've strayed from our path.


Spiritual wellness and mental health are inherently connected. A mental health crisis can feel like a spiritual crisis when we feel like we have lost purpose and self-trust, and struggle to feel deep love, life meaning, and joy. 


We provide holistic guidance, deeply attuned presence, and practical steps for how to release confusion, fear, anxiety, and other mental health issues that currently block your connection to your soul essence. Uncovering your true nature and your sacred inner knowing is a deeply personal ethical code, and it deserves love, time, and space to be honored and healed.

Your commitment to authenticity, healing, and learning is so needed on the planet. Keep embracing your bigger mission, for your presence is a gift that illuminates our path to a brighter, more awakened future. We are all in this together.


With boundless gratitude and admiration,


(Founder of Soul Essence Psychotherapy)

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Things we can help with

Sensitive people often need help developing unique skills that allow them to remain grounded and confident in their day-to-day lives. Here are some prevalent motives for empaths to reach out for holistic counseling: 

1. Managing Emotions & Communicating Needs: Sensitive people often feel like life is on steroids and this can cause daily overwhelm and shutdown. Therapy with us provides you with the resources to navigate your emotions and express yourself with confidence and self-trust. 


 2. Becoming an Empowered Empath: Caring so much doesn't have to be exhausting or feel like a weakness. Using your sensitivity to tap into healing frequencies can bring more joy, meaning, and purpose to your life. Through our holistic therapy, we practice energy healing techniques that will help you learn how to effectively let energy go and bring inspiring energy in. 


3. Developing Self-Trust and Strengthening Your Intuition: Empaths often get gut feelings or inner nudges when it comes to making decisions, but mistrust, fear, and doubt can all block natural intuition from arising clearly. Our therapy addresses mind, body, and spirit so we can address how mental distortions might be impacting your natural ability to hear your soul essence clearly. 


4. Maintaining Consistent Self-Care: Sensitive people are often helpers, healers, and caretakers, and they put their needs on the back burner to keep everyone else afloat. This often causes compassion fatigue, burnout, or resentment. Our therapists work with you to develop a self-care routine that you can maintain and feel excited about. 


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Here are some ways to get started

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Here you will find information about our therapeutic specialties.

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Reaching out is the hardest part, but we offer free calls to make sure we're the best fit.

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