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Meet The Team


Xandra Hawes

Owner of Soul Essence Psychotherapy

Licensed Professional Counselor, Mindfulness Instructor, and Root Energy Medicine Teacher

Xandra Hawes is a Licensed Professional Counselor who interweaves the world of psychology, spirituality, and energy healing. Being a sensitive soul, she loves nature, so her office is filled to the brim with various species (her ficus tree just turned eight years old!).

Xandra cares deeply about others and has dedicated her life to helping people find healing, self-trust, and empowerment. 

When Xandra is not being your therapist she loves being playful and adventurous. She often dances around the kitchen making waffles, crafts herbal tinctures, reads a gazillion books and hikes medium-rated trails. A perfect morning for Xandra is watching the sunrise with a dirty chai latte and Louis Hay book. 


Xandra earned her Masters in Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder where she also received her Meditation Instructor training. Before attending Naropa, she earned a graduate certificate in Holistic Health Studies from St. Catherine's University.

While attending Naropa, she also began her training in psychic-mediumship and intuitive development at Psychic Horizons Center. Through her education in both fields, Xandra created a holistic form of therapy specifically attuned to HSPs, empaths, and starseeds struggling to manage their sensitivity, and has been in private practice for seven years. She works with old souls (both teens and adults) who are choosing to become empowered empaths and reclaim their soul essence. 

Xandra also owns Soul Essence Wellness Center, an energy medicine school that teaches empaths to tap into their intuitive and psychic abilities. Learn more about SEWC.

Maddy King Therapist_edited.jpg

Maddy King


Maddy is passionate about equipping her clients with practical skills so that they can leave each session feeling more present and grounded in daily life, and in turn, experience more fulfilling connections. Maddy’s work is rooted in mindfulness, how our past informs our present and the firm belief that there is nothing "wrong" with us. Her approach is collaborative, compassionate and authentic with a focus on helping clients dive deeper into the "why".


When Maddy is out of the office, she is training for endurance gravel bike races, having fun on her mountain bike, painting and spending time with family, friends and her beloved dog, Audrey.


Maddy received her Master’s degree from Naropa University where she studied Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology. Prior to Naropa, she earned her Bachelor’s degree from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut where she studied Political Science.


Maddy’s journey to become a therapist was full of twists and turns but the biggest was in her early 20s, when she fell ill with Lyme Disease. It was this journey of watching her life unravel in many different ways that led her to attend her first meditation retreat with Dr. Daniel P. Brown. During this first retreat, Maddy learned that her thoughts do not define her and she does not have to act or listen to every thought or emotion that arises. This discovery radically altered her life and led her to leave her corporate career and life in Boston to move to Colorado and pursue her dream of becoming a therapist. Her motivation to become a therapist stems from wanting to help others find more freedom from their mind, patterns, and negative self-talk. Maddy’s experience ranges from working with individuals experiencing domestic violence and crisis to supporting teenagers and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, addiction, and self-harm.

Bryn Morales


Bryn provides an open and safe space for all clients to move at their own speed and strengthen their inner voice with warm curiosity and celebration. She provides holistic therapy by adapting to each client’s needs, often incorporating art, nature, mindfulness, somatic movement, writing, music, and bibliotherapy into her practice. She sees intuition as a gem within all individuals to be dusted off and polished rather than buried in order to fit into what society wants us to be. She is passionate about the practice’s mission of helping young adults and adults reclaim their soul essence.


Bryn earned her Master’s degree from Naropa University where she studied Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy which allows her to use nature as a co-therapist and healing force. She also has her Masters in Physiology from Loyola University in Chicago and her Bachelors in English Literature from the University of Colorado. She hopes her own winding path will help you find the beauty in your own. 


Bryn is a watercolor artist and enjoys bringing art into the therapeutic setting to cultivate intuition. She is also an accomplished runner, having run 2:40 in the marathon. She has since redefined her relationship with running and loves to work with others on how to have a thriving relationship with their body, movement, and nature. Her experience focuses on anxiety, self-esteem, exercise addiction, teens, and women’s issues including emotional awareness around the menstrual cycle. Her gentle and compassionate energy allows her to meet you wherever you are on your journey.

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