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I'm a therapist, lover of plants and rocks,

and a believer that good things are coming. 

I've always cared deeply about others, and I've dedicated my life

to helping people find healing, self-trust, and empowerment. 

Want to know how I got here? 

Learn more below. 


An extremely tall girl in third grade is sitting at her desk. She is staring at the floor, feeling overwhelmed (like always), and is struggling to express how she feels. She grows up with daily anxiety issues, has a deep fear of trusting herself, and doesn't realize until high school that she's an empath and feels everything around her. 


She spends the next 17 years (yes, that means I'm in my 30's) studying everything she can get her hands on to understand her mind, body, emotions and soul. She works with dozens of teachers and healers from all of the world to heal her anxiety, fear and other childhood traumas.

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 4.11.41 PM.png


She completes two master's degree programs, one in Holistic Health and one in Contemplative Psychotherapy, and dedicates her life to help others awaken and transform their difficult emotional experiences in order to gain meaning, understanding, and empowerment from them.

Xandra also owns Soul Essence Wellness Center, an energy medicine school that teaches empaths to tap into their intuitive and psychic abilities. Learn more about SEWC.


In 2014, Xandra received a graduate degree in Holistic Health Studies from St. Catherine's University. In 2017, Xandra graduated from Naropa University with her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Contemplative Psychotherapy & Buddhist Psychology.


She is an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) in the state of Colorado and Ordained Minister through Psychic Horizons Center, where she has completed several advanced graduate programs in clairvoyance, ministry, mediumship and spiritual healing. She has trained with three, Colorado-based Shamanic Practitioners within the animism-based journey school of Sandra Ingerman.


Xandra studied Folk Herbalism and Ancestral Healing through ritual and wildcrafting in the US and Ireland, as well as Norse Mediumship through the Seidr tradition with Betsy Bergstrom in the Summer and Fall of 2019. In the Winter of 2019 , she completed Past Life Regression Training through the renowned Hypnotist and Coach, Zoilita Grant. 

Xandra currently lives in Westminster, Colorado with her partner, Nicholas, and their adorable husky/german shepherd mix, Kanga, and pet snake, Sunny (he's the same color yellow as this background). When Xandra is not living and breathing her businesses, you can find her under mountains of blankets reading epic novels, communing with plants in her garden or getting happily lost in the mountains. 

"Ultimately, I have learned that big self-confidence takes big self-trust.

And in order to trust ourselves fully, we must recognize the places in us that seek healing, and offer our presence and compassion as medicine to these spaces."



Are you often told you are
too sensitive?

Sensitivity, empathy and vulnerability are HUGE strengths. If you have the gift of feeling deeply and want to learn more about how to feel empowered and confident in it, get in touch today. Let me help you transform. 

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