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Spiritual Therapist


Boulder, Co

Takeaway: Difficult past experiences, family ties and other barriers can make it challenging to embrace our inner wisdom and deeper soul essence. However, working with a spiritual therapist in Boulder, CO can help. Together, we’ll help you embody your emotions and find a path toward healing through spiritual counseling. Connect with us to get started.

Deep inside every one of us lies inherent, soulful wisdom. When we experience trauma, anxiety, depression, and other mental health struggles, it can feel like our soul has left us, and we feel like we've strayed from our path. Spiritual wellness and mental health are inherently connected. A mental health crisis can feel like a spiritual crisis when we feel like we have lost purpose and self-trust, and struggle to feel deep love, life meaning, and joy.

Talk therapy combined with spiritual counseling can help you re-establish your connection to something greater, whether that's a higher power, your values, mind-body connection, inspiration, or your unique soul essence.

Read more below about how spiritual counselors can help you transform your life, relationships, work, and joy.

Does this sound like you?

You've spent a long time searching for the bigger meanings in life. You know you have a soul, but finding balance in spiritual health, religious beliefs, or investing consistently in spiritual practices has been a struggle. It's been tricky at times to follow your inner knowing because you feel so deeply and can second guess yourself. There also hasn't been a particular religion that feels like it fits your belief system completely, so reaching out to religious leaders for spiritual support hasn't felt right.

You find yourself thinking things like...

  • I want to know my bigger soul's purpose, but I don't know who to talk to.

  • Figuring out what I truly believe is overwhelming and confusing.

  • I love nature and how it makes me feel connected to something bigger.

  • My family and friends won't understand me if I open up about my spiritual beliefs.

  • I'm scared to stray from my religious upbringing.

  • I want to connect with my soul, but I don't know how.

Whether you've come from a religious background, feel called to connect with your highest self, are experiencing existential questioning, or want to develop a spiritual connection to yourself, finding your spiritual path by working with a spiritual counselor can be life-changing. Connecting with your soul results in cultivating self-compassion, deeper understanding and meaning, clearer vision, calmer presence, and stronger self-trust in tough times. Re-establishing this relationship with your inherent goodness is one of the kindest, most worthwhile things you can do for yourself, your family, and your loved ones.

Spiritual therapy can help you find your healing path

A spiritual counselor that is also a licensed professional counselor can offer you an abundance of tools and support. At Soul Essence Psychotherapy, our spiritual therapy is grounded in four things:

  • Talk therapy

  • Transpersonal therapy

  • Mindfulness therapy/Buddhist-psychology

  • Somatic therapy and guided energy healing

Our spiritual counselors provide holistic guidance, deeply attuned presence, and practical steps for how to release confusion, fear, anxiety, and other mental health issues that currently block your connection to your soul essence. Healing trauma and depression with loving presence and your own spiritual beliefs can dramatically increase your emotional intelligence, wisdom, and life meaning. Uncovering your true nature and your sacred inner knowing is a deeply personal ethical code, and it deserves love, time, and space to be honored and healed.

We would love to support your spiritual health goals and help you discover your inner light and radiant spiritual path.

Hikers in Mountainous Landscape

If you feel called to recognize this inherent wisdom within you, please hear this:

Your spiritual connection is yours, and you deserve to feel it AND feel supported by it. Your soul loves you deeply, and it will guide you without judgment, shame, or guilt. It is one of the kindest friends you will ever have.

Our approach to
spiritual counseling

If you seek spiritual support from Soul Essence Psychotherapy, this is traditionally what it will look like:

  1. A free 30-minute consultation call to learn more about your beliefs, dreams, goals, pain points, and where you would love to be in the future

  2. A heart map meeting where we dive into creating a plan for our work together

  3. Ongoing weekly or bi-weekly spiritual therapy that might include:

Talk therapy

This allows you to process your thoughts and insights and might include Contemplative Psychotherapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

Mindfulness practices

Mindfulness awareness practices are hugely beneficial to helping you develop the ability to disrupt, pause, and release old patterns and loops that keep you locked in a cycle of overwhelm and suffering.


Developing a meditation practice with a spirituality therapist can help you receive guidance, practice posture, and work with resistance, boredom, overwhelm, and other big emotions that arise in the mental and emotional body.

Psychedelic integration therapy

If you choose to use plant medicines or other psychedelic substances to explore your transpersonal nature, having a therapist's support can result in a deeper, more integrated experience and a fuller understanding of the mind and body connection to Mother Earth.

Energy work & somatic grounding practices

Becoming familiar with your energy body and where energy gets stuck in your system can result in the healing of physical symptoms. Learning where you hold stress, tension, and repressed emotions allows us to make a map of where blockages hold you back from your full freedom and integration of your soul self.

Guided meditations

Guided imagery and using the right brain to tap into emotions and different parts of our conscious and unconscious mind can result in the processing and releasing of stored patterns in our nervous system, muscles, organs, and chakras.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Working with a Spiritual Counselor

If you feel conflicted or unsure if discussing your spirituality with a counselor is the best thing for you, reach out for a free consultation call so you can feel the vibes of the person you're curious about working with. Also, consider these questions posed by other people exploring this road:

What is the objective of spiritual counseling?

By accessing your higher self and soul essence, it becomes easier to know, feel and trust your purpose, passions, and abilities. When this resource becomes a felt sense in your emotional, logical, and physical body, you can grow more easily through painful emotional experiences, trauma, loneliness, confusion, and overwhelm. Your soul is a hugely loving presence and it holds deep wisdom and reverence. Communing with your soul allows you access to a supportive, guiding light inside of you.


We often fade in and out of this connection because it typically speaks through our subtler somatic body and shows up as feelings, sensations, inner knowings, colors, mental pictures, and more. In our busy, technology-driven world that is increasingly distracting us, we don't make the time and space to keep this connection alive and healthy. Your spirit respects you and your wishes, and won't aggressively interrupt your daily life with anger, frustration, malice, or cruelty. It is simply waiting for you to pause and open up to its loving embrace. To put it simply, your soul nature is made from love, and knowing you are loved unconditionally can strengthen your self-trust and help you recover more quickly from failure, overwhelm, and suffering.

What is the role of a counselor in spiritual growth?

Mental health professionals can bring unique skill sets to spiritual therapy, but in general, the role of the counselor is to offer unbiased, empathetic listening and attuned skillsets to help the client discover their faith, beliefs and values, higher power/higher force, spirituality, life goals, mind-body connection, and inherent wisdom. Overall, the client's therapist will collaborate with them to decide how best to incorporate spirituality into therapy. However, within the context of therapy, a therapist is not a religious leader and does not focus on their personal, individual belief systems or religion.

What’s the difference between a spiritual psychologist and a spiritual therapist?


Although both psychotherapists and psychologists provide mental health counseling, psychologists assist with psychological testing and evaluation and have a stronger background in research and clinical assessment. A spiritual psychologist might infuse their clinical research with spiritual modalities, such as looking at the impact of meditation and sound healing on the brain and body.

How can I find a spiritual therapist near me?

An easy way to find a good therapist who specializes in spirituality or spiritual therapy is to check out Psychology Today and use their search options to narrow down the results. Once you type in your area code, click on "types of therapy" and check the boxes "transpersonal," and "mindfulness-based." If you are a Christian and are seeking support from a Christian therapist, you can check the "Christian Counseling" box. Or, if you are struggling with existential feelings related to spirituality, you can check "Existential Therapy."

Also, Google Maps is a great resource to identify someone close to your location if you want in-person therapy. To find a therapist, type in phrases like "spiritual therapist near me," "spirituality therapists" or "spiritual counselors" and you will see search results near you.

Our center provides in-person and virtual therapy, so we can work with individuals throughout the entire state of Colorado.

Enjoying Sunset

Healing and growth are infinitely possible with the help of your soul essence and inner wisdom. Seek support and reach out today for a free consultation call if you're interested in learning more about how our spiritual counselors can help you uncover your highest self and supercharge your healing journey.

Get started today with a free 30-minute consultation call.

Spiritual therapy in Boulder, CO can help you make space for what you’re called toward

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