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Client Words

Happy Girl
Man with Curls
Father and Son

"Xandra is wonderful! If you're looking to clear or release something's from your life, start unraveling old patterns, or gain insight from a deeper sense of self  - she is the one to work with."

- Erin S.

Enjoying Nature

"Xandra is attentive and tuned in. She and I haven't been working together very long, but she has already helped me to transform my life and reclaim my own power...


After our sessions, I feel rejuvenated and high vibrational.

You found her - she's the one."

- Kalyn P.

Therapy meets Spiritual Support

"Xandra is one of the most powerful beings I know. Every session I have with her reveals transformative insights into my current situation. She has cleared mastered this craft over many lifetimes and is here are a wise soul to help many, many people."

- Riyah T.

"After my last meeting, I have felt a deep and lasting release and healing. I have been doing the returning of others energy and retrieving my own and it has been quite powerful. I want to thank you for your expertise, your kindness and your total presence of healing. I am eternally grateful."


-Kathleen H. 

Love and Happiness

"My experiences receiving support, energetic healing, and guidance from her have been transformative and powerful. Xandra's dedication to her own path has translated into an incredible and unique skill set. I have utmost trust in her abilities, compassion, intelligence, and insight.

- Valdon R.

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