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How to Identify Your Spiritual Gifts: A Beginner’s Guide

Takeaway: Through my own journey of discovering spiritual gifts, I’ve become dedicated to helping people find theirs. In this guide, I break down:

  • What spiritual gifts are,

  • How to tell if you have them, and

  • How to discover what they are.

Let’s dive in.

how to find your spiritual gift

Discovering your spiritual gifts can be exciting and inspiring, but it can also bring up doubt and comparison. Most people believe if they didn't grow up seeing spirits, talking with angels, or having premonitions, that they don't have spirit-based gifts. Although it may seem that only select people have spiritual gifts, in reality, we all have different soul wisdoms that we can choose to wake up to. If you're wondering how to know your spiritual gifts, and want to trust your ability to anchor them into your everyday life, then you've come to the right place.

Increasing your mental health, identifying your spiritual gifts, and connecting with your soul essence in an interwoven, trauma-informed, and holistic way is called, "Spiritual therapy" and is offered at Soul Essence Psychotherapy. You're welcome to book a free consultation call to learn more here. Now, without further ado, let's focus on what spiritual gifts are and how to access them.

Understanding spiritual gifts

how to know your spiritual gifts

In Christianity, the bible lists 18-20 spiritual gifts known as "charismatic gifts" that are given to Christians to amplify Christ's message, or Christ Consciousness, in the world. Although we are supportive of all loving religions and faiths, we believe that spiritual gifts are also outside the context of religion and that our soul wisdom comes from being in alignment with our authentic spiritual nature.

Mental health challenges can inherently disconnect us from our soul essence and our deeper trust of being worthy, loved, and enough. By being plugged into our spiritual selves, brighter energy runs throughout our body, mind, and heart, and our soul gifts naturally begin to unfold in our day-to-day lives. Spiritual gifts are amplified through the frequency of love and authenticity, and maintaining a mindset and behavior in alignment with inner peace will allow your gifts to blossom.

As you read the spiritual gifts below, notice which ones resonate with you. Each spiritual gift can come with its challenges and can evolve from a neurotic tendency to a rooted, loving, and centered way of being.

Some examples of spiritual gifts include:

  • Clear sensitivity - the ability to sense and feel things at a deeper level without falling into fear, overwhelm, and confusion. Clear sensitivity is when you pick up on things within you and around you without emotionally embellishing what you sense from an egoic perspective. Many people who are highly sensitive and empathic have this gift, but it has been taught to them as a weakness or something that makes life more difficult.

  • Clear emotionality - the ability to sense emotions in other people without taking them on and feeling responsible to fix or solve them. The ability to understand humans at a deeper level is a gift because offering authentic empathy to others while trusting they have everything they need to fix their lives radiates respect and empowerment, versus pity and sympathy.

  • Clear seeing - the ability to see how future actions or events will play out and the courage to follow this knowing. This can manifest as a clear mental picture or knowing the result of taking an action or pursuing a certain path. This gift works well when you have chosen to let go of the fear of not being enough, being "crazy" or rejecting being terrified to fail.

  • Clear touch - the ability to touch objects, nature, buildings, and other structures and sense and see the history of where the object came from or the people that held it.

  • Clear healing - the ability to hold a high frequency of love, neutrality, and trust and amplify this energy in other people's fields. This results in the other person being able to match this healing frequency in themselves resulting in the reduction of pain and suffering. This type of healing gift recognizes that we cannot heal other people, but we can offer a healing presence to them.

  • Clear communication - this is the telepathic ability to communicate ideas and thoughts with animals, other humans, and nature. This might show up almost like receiving a text message in your mind from a friend or hearing your dog tell you she's hungry.

  • Clear remembering - this ability often shows up in children if they are supported in their spiritual memories. Many children remember different family systems and life experiences that they've led, which can be immensely helpful in maintaining valuable life lessons and understandings and carrying them through this life.

Beyond the common gifts listed above, other spiritual gifts that can arise when you are connected to your soul essence are spiritual wisdom, prophecy, manifesting, earth divination, elemental communication, transmutation, and channeling.

how to discover your spiritual gifts

Signs you may have spiritual gifts

All humans on this planet have spiritual gifts, but recognizing them, embracing them, and evolving them to fit your life and goals can be the challenging part. If you are not nurturing your connection to your soul essence, your ego and personality might be driving your life learnings.

Is this bad? No, not if you feel fulfilled by your current lifestyle. But, if you feel a deep longing, ache, or sense that you're not connected to something bigger inside you, then we would argue that your authentic self is trying to get your attention. This authentic self might be the part that wants to actualize your soul wisdom and weave it into your everyday life for more fulfillment, joy, and confidence.

Here are some other signs that you might have spiritual gifts trying to get your attention:

You're wondering if you're going through a spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakenings are often the first clear sign that your soul is knocking at your door. You might start having unusual dreams, experiences, deja vu, synchronicities, patterns of numbers and words cascade into your life. Pay attention to what seems to arise and write them down. Developing a language with your soul is one of the first steps to get a clear idea of what energies are coming through.

You recently went through a huge life change and feel stuck in confusion

The "dark night of the soul" is often a moment, or several moments, where a huge shift occurs in partnership, career, finances, health, and other life circumstances. These are often changes that bring forward the energy of the phoenix, or the opportunity to let go and open up to something new that is being built by the soul from the ashes. This often happens as a way to change our life trajectory, to wake us up to our higher goals beyond the personality.

You've lost a family member or friend and can still feel their presence

Grief is often a huge portal of transformation and results in many existential conversations within the self about meaning, purpose, and time. We often see people struggling with integrating loss, and at the same time, are working to expand their ability to remain connected to the loved one(s) that left the earth plane. It is possible to develop a spiritual connection through the dream space and meditation so you feel their presence and love throughout your day.

You can sense the energies of the planet and feel overwhelmed

The planet is going through a massive shift at the moment, and many countries are experiencing pain, suffering, and loss as huge transitions in power and technology are occurring. To open up to these energies without feeling helpless can be tricky. Your soul essence might be calling you to shift your perspective and get involved in caring for the earth by opening up to your spiritual gifts at this pivotal time.

You've thought about a friend and then they've texted or called you right after

Telepathy is becoming more commonplace and feeling and sensing other people's thoughts and communication through the mind is beginning to blossom. If this type of mental communication is coming online for you, this might be a gift for you to practice embracing and developing through energy-healing-specific tools.

You often feel the emotions and feelings of other people

If empaths and highly sensitive people embrace their natural gifts without fear and with mental clarity, it becomes a spiritual superpower. The ability to be open and fearless, deeply attuned to other people and yourself is a healing medicine and soul wisdom that our planet desperately needs.

You sense events, big and small before they happen

If your spirit is starting to come online and into your everyday life, you might start experiencing small flashes of insight and inner knowings about future events. This could be simple, such as seeing yourself get all the green lights on the way to work (and it happens), or complex, such as thinking about a tsunami in Japan and it occurs. Our higher soul selves are always guiding us, and when we make time to commune with it and learn its language, it can bring insight into future events.

You crave depth and higher learning

If you question the normal/prescribed life trajectory (I.E. go to school, get a job, get married, have children, save for retirement, etc), and feel a craving to shake things up, then your soul essence might be trying to get your attention. There is nothing wrong with leading a life you love, but many people make choices that are based on fear, doubt, or guilt. Any life choice that is made from fear, in the end, only creates more fear. Spiritual gifts are about embracing self-trust and self-love. If a part of you craves to understand, grow, and challenge yourself outside the normal narrative, your spiritual gifts might be trying to steer you in a direction to do that.

You feel like you have guides, ancestors, or other spirits guiding you

At a higher soul level, we realize we are absolutely, positively, never alone. We are loved completely and supported entirely if we allow the greater aspects of ourselves and our cosmic systems to guide us. If you can sense other beings or souls in your spiritual field, this is a clear sign that a higher level of communication and support exists for you to tap into to further develop your soul wisdom.

You feel like an old soul

It's fairly common to have an inner feeling of how old your soul is beyond this life. If you feel like you've come here for a big mission, but lost the blueprint somewhere, this is often a common feeling for old souls. In this earth plane, it is normal to forget your soul ancestry and wisdom if no one around you supports maintaining this higher knowing. Recalling this information by engaging in spiritual-based practices can shift you into a growth period where your soul's wisdom and gifts begin to return to you.

how to identify your spiritual gifts

How to discover your spiritual gifts

Although there are several ways to discover your spiritual gifts, we are going to focus on the big three that are the fast track to opening up to your soul wisdom:


This one is big, and for a good reason - it's the one everyone knows, and most people are scared of. The percentage of people who know meditation would help them but are terrified or resistant to actually doing it is astounding. Intrusive and judgmental thoughts that initiate fear, existential dread, guilt, comparison, and shame are often what humans don't want to come into contact with. But, they are the number one reason why spiritual gifts lie dormant. Embracing your soul essence means recognizing your wise, loving, ancient self beyond what you've been taught to believe about yourself and other people. If you're scared of meditation, this is a sign that you are scared of your ego-based self. If you can learn to befriend these aspects and see yourself beyond them, you will be blessed with the gift of your higher self.


Our soul is magic, and the body is the magic that houses the soul. If we think of life as a journey, think of the car as the body and the soul as the keys- they need one another to spark the energy of learning and growth. Authentic movement, created out of listening deeply to what our body wants and needs, creates a healthy space for our soul to thrive. Ascending into our spiritual gifts is not outside of the body. It is in and through the body.

Energy Work

We have yet to see someone embrace their spiritual gifts without learning how to shift how they run their energy. And what does, "running your energy" mean? Through experiencing stress, anxiety, fear, trauma, and childhood programming, we learn how to store energy in the body that isn't always optimal for its health. For instance, many of us store emotions, trauma, and other difficult experiences in the body because we weren't able to release the energy at the time of the difficult event. This causes the body to stay in the cycle of trauma-based behavior, which can disconnect us from our healthy, higher-vibrational selves.

Discovering your spiritual gifts with the help of meditation, movement, and energy work will vastly help you evolve and shift your emotions, mindset, confidence, self-trust, and self-love.

discovering your spiritual gifts

Overcoming common challenges with discovering your spiritual gifts

At Soul Essence Psychotherapy, we believe your ancient soul essence is your birthright. However, we rarely see clients get the training they need as children to maintain their soul connection. Therefore, their gifts go underground until they are ready to be rediscovered. And we help many, many people do this successively.

As professional counselors, we've noticed that spiritual challenges and mental health issues often go hand in hand. For instance, if you've gone through a huge life change or are experiencing a spiritual awakening, it can often feel and look like existential anxiety, depression, overwhelm, lack of self-trust, and other difficult emotional and psychological challenges.

We understand how painful it can be to sit in confusion while simultaneously longing for something deeper to bloom within. If this is you - you're in the right place to find attuned support.

discovering spiritual gifts

Get the support you need to wholly embrace your spiritual gifts. 

If you're longing to open up your connection to your spiritual gifts and embrace your soul essence, reach out today for a free consultation call to learn more about how we offer spiritual therapy combined with attuned mental health support.

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